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Michael P Gwynn

Michael P Gwynn shares the journey of his incredible transformation and path back to health:

He recommended I consult Dr Gert du Toit, which I did, and I was most impressed with Dr du Toit’s clear advice and explanations of the surgery, what I could expect, and what the results should be.   

At the end of November, 2013, I underwent the surgery, at that time I was the oldest patient to have had the operation.   I weighed over 130kgs before the operation, and was suffering from back ache, breathing with difficulty, which was caused by the pressure of the fat on my lungs, I could not walk any distance at all without the aid of a walking stick, and generally felt poorly.   I had absolutely no side effects from the operation, spent only one night in highcare afterwards, another night in a general ward, and was discharged the next day.   I have lost 46kgs in weight, no longer require the aid of a walking stick and can walk comfortably and easily now, with no breathing problems.   Before the operation, I was having 350 units of insulin a day, for about 4 – 6 weeks after the operation, I was down to about 10 – 15 units, and by the second month, was totally off all insulin.  I was also taking numerous tablets daily for both the diabetes and hypertension, (my pharmacy account has dropped from approx. R5350 per month to approximately R160) and now take only 1/2 a tablet for each of diabetes and hypertension, and both Dr Moore, and my cardiologist, Dr Dyer, anticipate that these will be discontinued soon.   I have lost approx. 46kgs to date, and have not felt so well for many a year!  My wife and I are leaving tomorrow (28 May 2014) for an overseas trip, and I am looking forward to this being a comfortable and trouble-free trip!

Looking back now at the “Before” photos – I had no energy, felt well “below par” every day, and lacked motivation to get anything done – I have so much more energy nowadays, have managed to get through a long list of chores which have needed attention for at least three years, and wake up early every morning, feeling refreshed and ready to face each day.  I have found the various research papers that are shared at the Bariatric Support Group meetings interesting, and certainly justify my having the surgery, which I recommend to any of my friends who I see in the same situation as I was in beforehand.”

  Surgeon: Dr Gert du Toit