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Gert Cornelius Olivier

My Story

I am at a weight of 125.2 kg`s now. I still losing weight but very slow now. I move up and down between 122 and 125 kg`s at this stage. The cm`s are also coming down and stay down. My shirt size is down from a 6XXXL to a 2XXL now. I can now buy clothes from normal shops in the mall. I don`t have to drive far to get to shops with special big clothes anymore.

I sleep normal again and do not use any medicine whatsoever. My blood pressure and breathing are also normal. I only use the vitamin medicine Dr Du Toit gave me.

I have to admit that I was not very active this festive season as I was traveling for long distances to the kids in the Northern Province and to Cape Town. I can feel it and are back to normal now. I am so use to a routine after the operation and could feel the strain on my body when I changed it during the festive season.

Valerie lost 18 kg`s already. Her starting weight was 112 kg`s. Her cm`s are moving down very good. She is also very happy and her self-confidence is up 100%. Her leg is so happy with the weight that is gone and the fact that she can walk now for long distances again. This is a lifesaving operation. There is no doubt about this. We are happy and young again and feel positive to go forward. Now I can fish again and do some sport.

Again we cannot say thank you enough to God, Dr Du Toit and his team for the good work you guys are doing. Dera and you are special. Remember that.

God bless.

Surgeon: Dr Gert du Toit